Pär Berglund

Pär Berglund

Furulund, Sweden / Love music and literature, mp3-blogging at meadowmusic.se and blogging at blindmen.se.
Pär Berglund
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Sinkane - Telephone (official video)

Sinkane - Telephone (official video)

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Indiepop bringing a soft breeze from the sea.

The quartet Ocean, hailing from Göteborg, couldn't have chosen a better name considering their music.

Soft pop from Irya's Playground

A Place Where We Can Stay - Featuring I'm Kingfisher. The first single from the upcoming album. The video was shot in a lime quarry outside Malmö in Sweden b.

Sticky guitar pop from Fou de Toi

Sticky guitar pop from Fou de Toi

An acoustic transformation of their own house hit by Rasmus Faber & Syke'n'Sugarstarr

'We Go Oh' is the new single from Swedish producer Rasmus Faber and German duo Syke'n'Sugarstarr. This is a live, acoustic version.

Electro pop from the mysterious band MNWMN

Bliss of Insanity cover art

Dirty, earthy Americana from Everett Parker

Everett Parker - Dirt I Will Be (official music video)

Grand sounding folk indie from Humfree Bug Art

Humfree Bug Art - With Nights and Lights

So powerful, with so little gun powder

'Reverse' is the first single from Mire Kay's upcoming debut album 'A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats', to be released April 5 The video is directed by Mat.