Passara Granbäck

Passara Granbäck

Passara Granbäck
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And not just any limo - a stretch limo!!

Project: I have always wanted to travel in a limo. It's cool because people always are fascinated by who is in the limo. I would want to go in a limo with friends. It would be a lot of fun!

canzine - Before I die

People should know the tips before donating blood. Donating blood is a noble activity that could save a lot of people due to lack of blood. But not everyone can do the donation because there are several requirements that should be met for donating blood


Before I die I want to. Give people a reason to remember my name. I want to do something special with my life, something people will remember. Not just for sports or anything like that I want to be remembered for who I am and what I did