Fabric Sample Under Ekvatorn

Under Ekvatorn is one of the boldest linen cretonnes that Josef Frank designed. He designed this luxurious print in September - Fabric Sample Under Ekvatorn, Linen Under Ekvatorn, Black, Josef Frank

Textil Baranquilla - Lin 450, Baranquilla, Vit, Josef Frank | Svenskt Tenn

I would love to find a place to use this fantastic reissued Josef Frank fabric!

Textil Aramal - Lin 315, Aramal, Blå, Josef Frank | Svenskt Tenn

The Aramal print was designed by Josef Frank in the early Among Aramals large, green leaves there are dragonflies hidden in several places.

Textil metervara | Svenskt Tenn

The founder of Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson started a new chapter in Swedish design history when she offered Josef Frank a place to live and work in