Purple Area

A perennial shade combination of hosta,fern,and lady's mantle set with terra cotta garden art. Fern and lady's mantle are deer resistant.

Veronicastrum virginicum album. So beautiful in Sissinghurst White Garden. Autumn flowering.

Culver's root (Veronicastrum virginicum, zones 3 to Wildlife loved - this plant has spiky white flowers that butterflies, moths and bees adore.Makes a perfect rain garden addition.

Shade plants. Lesson from this image - if all are same color and similar in form, dozens of different plants can be planted together without looking too chaotic. But wherever something stands out -by height or form or color or leaf shape - it needs to be part of an organized plan.

Good shady plant selection-I like the idea of whitish mulch to light up the dark area and set off plant forms.

full sun, low maintenance, drought tolerant plants http://www.LystHouse.com

10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 10

Malmö Garden Show 2017 – Garden goals

Malmö Garden Show 2017 – Garden goals lush garden and the green really pops out from the black background, beautiful.

22 garden ideas - 101ideer.se

A sweet pea garden tee pea! cubby house for kids What a cute and cleaver idea! Clear around the planting area, for productive growth of the beans. Greate hideaway for kids in the yard, leave the grass in the center.

Salvia nemorosa 'Ostfriesland' (Salie), prachtige, stevige borderplant, lange bloei, na 1e bloei direct kort knippen voor 2e bloei, de afgestorven stengels in het voorjaar afknippen

Salvia nemorosa 'Ostfriesland' (Salie), bee plant does well in pots in sunny position


Cool colours and beautiful textures with small leafed Westringia and Santolina(?) by Secret Gardens of Sydney. Not only do fine-leaved plants withstand heavy coastal winds, but they look great when mass planted adjacent to other fine-leaved plants.

Almbacken: En kombo jag gillar skarpt - hasselört, buxbom och hosta Gold Standard

A great shade or part shade combo for Missouri: wild ginger, hosta gold standard and boxwood.