(crown molding) According to Parisians, here are 10 things you need to have in your kitchen. (Yes, some of these things include bread and cheese.) Time for your home to channel its inner Parisian.


Utvalda/ Selected Interiors 2016 #02

Home Decorating DIY Projects : metal bar cart and black wall light fixture styled by fantastic frank / sfgirlbybay -Read More –

BEELDSTEIL.COM Wen van Woudenberg | beeldSTEIL portfolio - blog #blogupdate #portfolio #homedecor

BEELDSTEIL.COM Wen van Woudenberg | beeldSTEIL portfolio - blog #blogupdate #portfolio #homedecor

simple, clean design.  have always had a soft spot for this Scandinavian style of restraint.

When I was three years old I begged my mom to teach me to play piano. I think I loved the idea of being able to make something beautiful. When she started teaching me to play my passion for music blossomed.

i want a vintage piano like this

piano in high gloss black.hmmmmm piano refinish project this is what i want mine to look like!


Aparadores con aire industrial para nuestra casa

Drinkvagn fast för saker och lampa.

The bar cart has become an essential in my entertaining style. What's better than a trendy, transportable cocktail centerpiece that creates an instant party wherever you go? A bar cart is the ulti.