Decide like an adult and be responsible of it, dont put blame on others.

Pretty sure this was said by the character "Meredith Grey" ("Grey's Anatomy") rather than written by her, but still: Decide.

My Attic: Create a graphic artwork with the Flexa colours of 2016!

Color palette: Mustard yellow stands out and is complemented by lavender purple and some soft gray tones. I love this color inspiration, I think it will go very well for a client's biz I'm working on :)

When a Monday feels like a Sunday now that is fine by us. Just added these cosy Ochre beauties to the store. by thefuturekept

Jim Olson’s reverence for nature and admiration of the site’s beauty is expressed in the design of this project located on Puget Sound and nestled amidst the.


Sugen på gul

Got inspired by this cosy bedroom upon seeing it via Swedish real estate agent…