Muscle Therapy Bath Salts Oz- Therapeutic Natural Vitamin Crystals for Soaking Aches, Pains, Swelling Stress Relief for Whirlpool

California Fleurish French Lavender 283g/10oz Sea Salt Bath Crystals by California Fleurish. $17.00. Buy California Fleurish Bath Salts & Soaks - California Fleurish French Lavender 283g/10oz Sea Salt Bath Crystals

Antistress Bath Salt By Spa Magic by Spa Magic. $14.99. Subdues irritation, reduces depression and nervous tension. Ingredients: sea salt - essential oil of vanilla - jojoba oil - glycerin - sodium laureth sulfate - Cl 15985 - Cl 19140. Strengthens the immune system and helps regulate sleep.. Contains impressive array of health essential minerals.. 100% Natural Elements.. "Antistress" by Spa Magic Sea, sun and wind generously offered their vital energy to evaporate sea ...

California Baby Bubble Bath- Colds Flu, 13 oz (Eucalyptus ease (for tranquil relief))

Wholesale Ultra Epsom® Salt by SaltWorks is the highest quality USP-grade, available in several grain sizes for use in float tanks, repackaging or in spa products.

Himalayan Rose Melt & Pour Soap Recipe - Himalayan salt has a lovely, peachy pink color and is chock full of goodness for the skin.

Revitalizing Bath Salt - Lavender - Case Pack 24 SKU-PAS986087 by DDI. $51.76. Product By DDI. Catalog||Health & beauty||Bath & shower||Bath. Bath salt changes the osmotic balance of the water so that less water is absorbed by the skin via osmosis. Case Pack 24 Please note: If there is a color/size/type option, the option closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may receive a random color/size/type).

Aromafloria 3947311 Stress Less By Aromafloria Ocean Mineral Bath Salts 23 Oz Blend Of Lavender, Chamomile, And Sage, Lavendar/Purple

Hugo Naturals Effervescent Bath Salts, Geranium 14oz by Hugo Naturals. $9.30. Blend of Dead Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt. Delicate geranium scent. Effervescent fizz and bubbles. Rich in minerals. Organic and completely natural. Our Effervescent Bath Salts fizz and bubble and smell so delightful that you might be satisfied with just that. But we wanted more. So we use two very special and unique kinds of salt: Dead Sea salt, renowned for its therapeutic powers, ...

Utilizing a specially chosen blend of salts, herbs, and aromatic infusions our healing baths alts are a welcome addition to any bath.

k. hall designs Lavender Salts by k. hall designs. $23.99. Made in USA. 2-Pound bottle. Works in any decor. Soothing. Bath mineral salts. This generous two pound bottle of mineral salts looks stunning in any decor, Works and scents even better. Glass bottle.