Frischekick für die Wand. Vielleicht auch eine Idee für's Bad...

'Madame Plantier' bespoke rose print wallpaper by Mr Perswall UK

Tapete "Stonewall Flint"

Old wall effect wallpaper in hues of dark blue.

Vielleicht im nächsten Schlafzimmer?

Single blooming gallica rose with large and full, almost flat quartered flowers and a small yellow green eye. The colour varies from scarlet with a faint tinge of brown to purple and bordeaux red. Medium fragrance with hints of chervil. Introduced ca

Tolle Idee!

Mr Perswall has, since its foundation in encouraged creativity and playfulness by offering innovative wallpaper designs.

Rollbeton von "Stones like Stones"

Rollbeton von "Stones like Stones"



Betontapete „Concrete Wallpaper“ von Piet Boon

Concrete accent wall bedroom industrial with concrete wall brass table lamps