Sandwich Cake

Sandwich Cake

You can use chicken/salmon/crab meat/lobster meat alongside vegetables. The recipe is in French.

Smörgåstårta Scandinavian Sandwich Cake, via panini happy, recipe @

If you like sandwiches and you like cake, then it only stands to reason that you will enjoy this Swedish sandwich cake tutorial from Panini Happy.

Sandwich Cake - Smörgåstårta. - Stack sandwiches. Right before serving, cover with cream cheese & any veggie decoration you like. Fun!

the wren and rabbit: sandwich cake - smörgåstårta Vegetarian sandwich cake!

Lax och Räktårta – glutenfri LCHF Low Carb

Lax och Räktårta – glutenfri LCHF Low Carb (5 6 k i l o . s e)

Helt vegetarisk smörgåstårta! Varva den fräscha smörgåstårtan med krispig spetskål, avokado, ägg och pepparrot mellan bröden. Toppa med vackert grönt som tunt skuren fänkål, tärnat äpple och vackert rosa picklad rödlök.

Top 10 Savoury Sandwich Cake RecipesI feel kind of bad. You see over the months of doing these posts I have featured far too much junk food. From deep friend goodness, to cakes of all shapes and sizes.

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