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Japanese orphan, standing to attention having brought his dead brother to a cremation pyre, Nagasaki, 1945. Photo by Joe O'Donnell.

Real-life Grave of the Fireflies: Stoic Japanese orphan, standing at attention having brought his dead younger brother to a cremation pyre, Nagasaki, by American photographer, Joe O’Donnell 1945 (One of the many sad things about war.

Leonarda Cianciulli was an Italian woman who killed three women between 1939 and 1940, and turned their corpses into soap and teacakes.

Leonarda Cianciulli: After killing 3 women in Italy between 1939 and Cianciulli then used their dismembered bodies to create soaps and teacakes.

Martha Rendell (1871-1909) Australian sadist who tortured/murdered her lover's children by painting the backs of their throats with hydrochloric acid, under the pretense of giving them medicine. After three of the kids were dead, the fourth ran away and alerted his mother, who called the police. Rendell was arrested and hanged.

Martha Rendell was the last woman to be hanged in Western Australia. She murdered three of her defacto's children by swabbing their throats with hydrochloric acid.

The Real Dr. Hannibal Lecter: |Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot (17 January 1897 – 25 May 1946) was a French doctor and serial killer. He was convicted of multiple murders after the discovery of the remains of 23 people in his home in Paris during World War II. He is suspected of killing around 60 victims during his life, although the true number remains unknown.

Marcel Petiot: The Real Dr. Hannibal Lecter >>>> The murdering doctor: Marcel Petiot, Frances war time serial killer. He dismembered his victims under the noses of the Nazis. He was eventually caught, sentenced to death, and beheaded.

Graphic Content: The Most Shocking Crime Scene Photos in History

From the Manson murders to Jeffrey Dahmer's cannibalized victims, the most depraved crimes in history have been captured in shocking photos.

Richard Chase More

Richard Trenton Chase (May 1950 – December was an American serial killer who killed six people in the span of a month in California. He earned the nickname The Vampire of Sacramento due to his drinking of his victims’ blood and his cannibalism.

Yorkshire Ripper butchered not 13 but 35 women and one MAN

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe butchered 35 women and one MAN, claims book