Alchemilla / daggkåpa

Alchemilla mollis ‘Select’ "Lady's Mantle": for the shade garden , this is one tough-as-nails, clay-tolerant cookie, Lovely dense mounds of velvety apple green scalloped leaves that make just about the easiest, most reliable edger for shade.

Strutbräken och en klättrande humle

Strutbräken Ostrich Ferns 'Matteuccia struthiopteris' Native zone 3 ~ Loamy Soil, Moist/Wet Soil The tightly wound immature fronds, fiddleheads, are also used as a cooked vegetable,


Alchemilla mollis (Lady's mantle) is one of the best plants for part sun in deer country. The fuzzy green foliage looks great all season, but the pretty chartreuse flowers arrive in June.

Pioner och daggkåpa. Rosa pioner (blommar juni-juli) och daggkåpa (blommar juni).

***Backyard*** Here is where I'll place grass and flowers and stuff on the edges n back of the house

Torvan Trädgård: Strutbräken, en fantastisk ormbunke!

Torvan Trädgård: Strutbräken, en fantastisk ormbunke!

Hosta ‘Regal Splendor’

Hosta are among the most popular of perennials for shady areas, with hundreds of varieties now readily available. Plants form a sturdy mound of foliage, topped with lily-like blooms.

Hakonegräs Förslag på fina grannar: Iris, Funkia, Bergenia, svart ormskägg, ormbunke och hortensia.


Laurent Perrier Garden designed by Tom Stuart-Smith for the Chelsea Flower Show 2010

Brunnäva, Geranium phaeum  - tål skugga, hög näva

Brunnäva, Geranium phaeum - tål skugga, hög näva

#hosta 'Guacamole' has HUGE , glossy, apple green leaves are surrounded by streaked, dark green leaf margins just like an avocado.  The leaf centers become brighter gold in summer and when exposed to more sunlight while the margins remain dark green.  Very fragrant, flared, pale lavender flowers appear on 36" scapes in late summer.  A rapid grower that displays good sun tolerance.  $240 / 20 plants

Hostas for N. Texas : The Hosta Guacamole is one of those rare and hard to find fragrant hostas. Most Hostas have little to no scent but this one has a very strong fragrance and very large white flowers