Watermelon Breeze 3 cups cubed chilled watermelon 1 cup coconut water squeeze of fresh lime Ice if needed Sprig of mint Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Makes two servings. 90 calories per serving.

Watermelon Breeze Recipe: Fresh, light Summer drink made with chilled watermelon, coconut water, fresh lime and mint over ice. Think it would make a good frozen drink. Get out those ice cube trays and your blender!

How to Make a Simple Green Smoothie by 100daysofrealfood #Green_Smoothie

Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

How to Make a Perfect Green Smoothie Guest post by Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard, founders of Simple Green Smoothies - We have a super simple and healthy recipe we’ve been itchin’ to share with you!

Here's a breakdown of nut nutrition — what good stuff they give you, how to use 'em, and fun alternatives, too!

Eat Right: The Ultimate Guide to Nuts [Infographic]

The Ultimate Guide to Nuts. This is a great list that includes nut nutrition information! Plus a gluten free sugar cookie recipe at the bottom.

Cinnamon & Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

Cinnamon & Sugar Pull-Apart Bread Seems less messy than Monkey Bread Use store bought dough to make this recipe super easy!

No Bake Fudge Brownies made from bananas, cocoa, almond butter, and honey.

A FitSugar Reader Recipe: Raw Vegan Fudge Brownies

- No bake, they have nutritious ingredients: Bananas, cocoa, almond butter, and honey. Who knew brownies could have antioxidants? I will def have to try this recipe out." Raw Vegan Healthy Brownie Recipe if replace honey with agave

Savory Moroccan Soup

Simple Soup Recipes

Devil's Food Cupcakes

Devil's Food Cupcakes - Martha Stewart Recipes This is the recipe I use EVERY TIME i make chocolate cake :) so good. The sour cream is what makes this different than other chocolate cake.

homemade almond milk 0988 thumb   My Favourite Homemade Almond Milk + Step By Step Photos

Vanilla-Cinnamon Almond Milk

Världens godaste kladdkaka | Bakverk och Fikastunder | Bloglovin'

Världens godaste kladdkaka (Fikastunder)

Pineapple-Coconut Sorbet  A touch of coconut milk complements sweet pineapple and creates a luxurious consistency in this sorbet.

Desserts Under 250 Calories

Pineapple-Coconut Sorbet A touch of coconut milk—infused with fresh ginger for a subtle kick—complements sweet pineapple and creates a luxurious consistency in this sorbet.