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Peter Johansson

Peter Johansson
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Använda gummiband | Svårt att skruva upp eller i skruvar med utslitna skruvspår? Använd ett brett gummiband ... yes.

Remove a stripped screw with a rubberband. A rubber band may aid in providing enough grip to remove, or at least loosen, the screw. ~ Didn't work for me.

Brilliant router jig

This works great for sign making. Just trace your stencil. It takes a little bit of practice but is easy to use. It will also do 3 dimensional items.

used to scribe a cut line precisely to your too wavy wall.

[Precision Scribes] mark a scribe line on the guide board using a pencil and a small washer - Woodworking Techniques - American Woodworker


I love tartan plaid! I have a lot of plaid in my fall and winter wardrobe and I have a lot a madras in my spring and summer wardrobe.

Bo Zolland Makes Volvo P1800 Look Awesome Again

The Volvo Wagon design study by Bo Zoland takes the classic design of the and adds a lot of modern touches to it, the result is a fantastic looking sports car.