Peter Nylund

Peter Nylund

Örebro Sweden / The boards represents what i like and i pin only things i found interesting.
Peter Nylund
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X-Men by Jim Lee

X-Men by Jim Lee. Love love love X-Men! And is loved Jean Grey (older/newer versions). Storm was/is my favorite female super hero! Gambit was a babe and Wolverine a total bad ass! Nerdy nostalgia at its finest!

x men comic 2 covers | Men Vol 2 1 - Marvel Comics Database

X-Men Cover 2 Published: October 1991 Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 2007 Writer: Chris Claremont, Jim Lee Penciller: Jim Lee Cover Artist: Jim Lee American Contemporary

First Look: Marvel October HASBRO Variant Covers

The Marvel Project Hasbro action figure variant cover re-presenting Rick Leonardi’s classic cover of Uncanny X-Men