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Sweet Dreams Blanket

Wow. Love it! This six-sided piece of furniture can be flipped over to reveal different functions.

Image of Spotty Mountain Set - Monochrome

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Höhle, Kuschelecke, Spielbereich oder Rückzugsraum - der kleine Leser von Andreas Mikutta

Sky Villages, designed by James Paulius, is an interactive installation at the SPARK Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The play center features several stackable modules that can be rearranged as expanding homes—wooden dwellings floating between clouds in an aquamarine sky.

CRACK design Johanna Grawunder | Collection of low tables with dimmer light or without light with parallelepiped shape, in glass glued at 45°, with shattered mirror effect decoration separated by thin coloured lines, available in glossy coloured diffusor glasses. In the lit version the light seeps through the glass gaining colour and diffusing it all around.

A summer playground dream for Brisbane Kids, this playground and water park will save any parent’s sanity on a hot summer afternoon. Wynnum Kids Water Park