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Spend your mornings with your baby and enjoy coffee in bed and quality time. Enjoy sleeping in with a cup of coffee and your newborn, talk about relaxing! Why not be lazy and kick back with your baby on a bright summer morning.

Yo. Sidney, i don't feel great. it is because the llama's were being so fabulous.

They are the most adorable, downright sarcastic looking animals ever. Alpacas and llamas are so my animal spirit! And yes, I've answered the "what animal would you be" question with "llama"in job interviews!

Leaping Alpaca Poster Decal | The Land of Nod

This colorful poster decal features a cute, illustrated alpaca leaping for joy. We showed it to an actual alpaca to see what it thought, and even it was impressed (and alpacas are very picky about their wall art).