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This is the best running playlist ever with 25+ of the best songs to run to.

50 songs that will make you want to run! Great upbeat running songs to keep your feet moving even if you want to quit! Best running playlist ever!

Get your sexy back with a sexy back!-- if you have that much back fat, you may want to banish fat from other places first?

5 Moves to Banish Back Fat. A strong back is a powerful asset on a woman, so get moving with me and add these 5 effective moves to your routine.

Let your baby be your weight with these 18 fitness moves to do with your little one by your side.

Let your baby be your weight with these 18 fitness moves- since it's next to impossible to find time to work out these might come in very handy

Make 2013 the year to train for your first half marathon. Running is addictive!!!

30 lbs ago, I could barely walk one mile. Now, I'm training for my half-marathon. Start walking and be ready to run your first half-marathon in 18 weeks. I will start walking again tomorrow")