Patina Farm, Ojai

Velvet and Linen: Patina Farm garden Floribunda roses, several different kinds of lavender and cat mint, would be nice for my walkway to the river house

What could be more lovely than a chartreuse hedge? Limelight hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea paniculata Shrub - A Hydrangea hardy through zone 4 in the north, with blooms that begin green and mature to white, pink, and rose; plus red fall foliage.

I have one in my front yard and one in the back yard.  It's nice to see a mature version of what I planted!!While Hydrangea paniculata likes full sun, it also does well in part shade.

Choose the Top Hydrangeas for Your Garden

Love hydrangeas - Hydrangea paniculata - grown as a standard; aka Pee Gee hydrangea - Noticed by a friend.


The natural wear on these terracotta pots, stacked high under a bench, is inspiring me to plant some Fall flowers. I'm thinking mums in oranges and purples.

'iceberg' rose

Possibly the most popular, well-known (and well-grown) white rose of all time! Finally my Iceberg roses get the mention they deserve. Yes, defenitely the best in white roses, blooms from early spring till frost.