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Petter Öhnell

Petter Öhnell
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wall of wood.doing this if we have a wood burning fire place.need to keep wood in the house anyways, so it might as well look good the wheels so you can wheel it to the door, load it & wheel it back to the fire place.

Home Plan Details : Natural Habitat - straw bale house provides deep window recesses

Arkin Tilt Architects design truly beautiful straw bale homes. They are pioneers in showing the world that straw bale construction can be sleek and modern. You can their visit site by clicking here.

The $500 DIY Glass Home by Nick Olson & Lilah Horwitz. Believe it or not, this house in West Virginia was built with just $500. It’s made of wood and recycled glass.

In country interior it is very important to have a natural light. Large windows is a great solution to let sun light in a house. Your home will change a tone in Yellow day, blue evening and pink morning. Perfect place for a library or reading area👍👍👌