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Le Comptoir Général in Paris

Coiffeur Burkina Fasso

Galerie photo Burkina Faso - One Chaï

Parijs: Le Perchoir Marais-hippe hotspot dakterras. Café van 's avonds tot laat. Kom op tijd anders sta je in de rij voor de lift.

Here is a selection of the best rooftops in Paris, the prettiest sights of the French capital city or how to concile utility and coziness…

Le Comptoir Général | Canal Saint Martin | Kino am Sonntag abend & mehr

And if the full dressing was the perfect Parisienne for sale? This dream comes true fashionista with an auction that should not be missed

Le Comptoir Général 80 quai de Jemmapes, Paris 10

Le Comptoir Général is situated right at the Quai de Jemmapes in the arrondissement and offers a gallery space, a café, a bar, a bookshop and a museum.