i quite like these collages ;)

Sixteen year old Caroline Alkire creates stunning, surreal collages from images cut out of vintage National Geographic magazines.

wire sculpture.

Using wire to create contour line drawing. Students can sculpt hand symbols and or sign language letters to create a word. What a cool idea for hanging art work.

gah! I really want to make these jars

15 Fantastic Plastic Animal Crafts

One can never have enough storage for craft bits and bobs. These animal jars are easy to make and super fun. Just glue some old plastic animal toys to a glass jar lid and spray them a funky colour.

monochromatic still life

colour still life - pick/draw a color from a bag, create a still life using only those colors & draw it

Para las fiestas http://www.infotopo.com/esparcimiento/hobbies/cajas-de-regalos-hechas-a-mano/

This is a pretty cool DIY idea for a project. A tiny little gift box which can be used for small sized gifts. Can be used for any type of jewelry, especially rings.

paper collage

WAFA-Postcard-Project · Mixed media Brandon Wilson in collaboration with WAFA Artist Collective Participating artists send out postcards for other artists to work on top of.


untitled 2 original abstract painting by MothballCharlie on Etsy

Mia Christopher trityph

Mia Christopher trityphthis looks like my scrap paper when I am testing out colored pencils, markers and paint before I use them on my projects.