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Hey, come hop on this awesome beard site:

Beard Growth Spray is developed to enhance facial hair growth. It utilizes a variety of proven, herbal ingredients to revitalize your hair follicles.

World Class Beard Products as Seen in GQ Magazine 2016

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David Gandy Source: - Streetstyle LCM 2017 Photography by Robert Spangle

dangerous-smoll: ““Clean shirt, new shoes And I don’t know where I am goin’ to. Silk suit, black tie, I don’t need a reason why. They come runnin’ just as fast as they can ‘Cause every girl crazy.


Cute short and full beard styles for men are changing rapidly and gaining lot of importance in the male society. Full beard style is the most popular trend

Corte de cabello Más

Pairing short hair with a long beard can be a lot of fun. In fact, some of the most popular styles these days combine the best men’s hairstyles and beards to create a unique look that will get you noticed in any room. If you’re thinking of experimenting w

Want to start dressing better? When you don’t know what to wear in the morning the default should be a button up shirt. You should choose to wear a t-shirt for a reason.

This list is full of well dressed, tattooed, older men. The future looks bright for this generation. And by "bright" I mean smokin' hot.

a viking and his raven #viking

Ragnar Lodbrok from the Viking TV Show with a raven on his shoulder. According to Viking mythology, Odin would often appear as a raven. Ragnar Lodbrok claimed to be descended from Odin and many Vikings believed this.

Alessandro Manfredini

this picture is gorgeous. Alessandro Manfredini is a spectacular model, he’s very.

No need to remind you about my suspenders fetish

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