Pierre Hultin

Pierre Hultin

Pierre Hultin
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Wooden Fly Box Plans | Sapele & cherry fly tying case

The fly tying case is made of thick sapele and is approx 18 x 15 x 11 and has 13 cherry drawers for feathers, furs, and tools. In addition there are 36 spool holders, containers for.

Using a hot-glue gun to for flies

Tying with melt glue does require a little more practice and patience than most regular materials. But the results can be rewarding! Melt glue is a material that one has to get used to usin…

DIY Greenhouse Underground - Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine

DIY Greenhouse Underground A trench runs down the middle of this DIY greenhouse for any climate. The concrete block walls form a heat sink that soak up the heat during the day and release it slowly as temperature cool. Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine