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Harujion Design

I have been asked many times about this when I teach sewing and embroidering. "How can you make a knot so quick? It looks like a magic!" I was asked the same question at the last workshop I had in July and I answered. So I think I am going to tell my secret to make a knot on the end of the thread with a VIDEO!! This is my very first time to post a sort of tutorial video. Yei! It doesn't seem so quick? OK, I am doing it very slowly here in the video for you to see well! It really save time…

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Sometimes, it's easy to lose track of articles on blogs, so I like to create indexes that gather all the articles on one embroidery project or one series of embroidery projects into one place. I keep all these project indexes under Tips & Techniques here on Needle 'n Thread (in the main menu at