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Love Thumper - tattoo?

BTW, Thumper was the only thing I liked about Bambi. My favorite character ;) Mostly because I liked saying "Thumper"

all i wanted way my hair to flip like Ariel's...

Top 10 Betchiest Disney Characters of All Time

Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair. SO true. I desperately wanted Ariel's hair for a long time.

Funny...but true.

Hate is a strong word, but thought this was funny! I don't really hate anyone!

Without my cell phone, I wouldn't:  1. know what time it is  2. be able to solve a math question  3. know a single phone number  4. know the date  5. be able to text my friend  6. take a snap shot at a picture-perfect time  7. be able to wake up from alarm in the morning  8. find my way in the dark  LOL. this is so me!

Funny pictures about Without my cell phone. Oh, and cool pics about Without my cell phone. Also, Without my cell phone.

The Art of Disney Princesses artwork

They'd Have Called Me "The Bar Nothing": Disney Princesses Vintage Fashion

Fun Disney Astrology chart....which character are you if you were a cartoon? #astrology #horoscope for kidlets @Help2Heal With Gratitude

The Disney Princess Horoscope! aquarius and pisces! (my bday is at the end of aquarius yet beginning of pisces) mixture of ariel and snow white!

....pshh, every girls dream is to eat without getting fat

every guy thinks every girls' dream is to find the perfect guy. pshh, every girls' dream is to eat without getting fat: SO TRUE!

I'm 99.9% sure I'm a Disney Princess. That .1% of uncertainty is because birds don't talk to me.

I love this, hilarious! It's so true though. But cats talk to me so that must be something. I must be closer to a princess then!

So annoying when ppl meet me and immediately say 'Brandy, you're a fine girl...'

I do this to people when I'm drunk. Mostly people names Roxanne. Thankfully the only song I've ever heard my name in is a slow country song that most don't know and wouldn't sing.