Love that ass!  Go Mark!

Grey's Anatomy Fan Art: Mark and Lexie

@kimberlystuber what do you think? I think it's the cute one who pretended to be an attending and the chick

Well so far I don't like DE Luca so he will probably survive and the blonde kid gives me the creeps so he'll probably survive. I feel bad for the 2 lesser known interns they don't stand a chance.

Alex and Meredith's relationship has always been a favorite, but it's now quickly becoming my favorite. And no, HE CAN'T REPLACE YANG, NOR IS HE EVER GOING TO.

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I like to add that one Jo am Alex are my fav tv couple and two in the early season it was Christina kicking Derek put of bed.

This scene had me crying

One of the saddest moments ever.