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"Mermaid Magick" handcrafted water element book of shadows by GypsyWytch Diaries $55.55

Mermaid Book of Shadows / Water Element Spellbook / Sea Witch Journal / Nautical Fantasy Diary / Pagan Elemental Spell Book / Grimoire

Skull, The Crow, Demon, Gif & Art Herege Dreadful - Comunidade - Google+

Spiritual Energy Used to Feed the True Beast? - Spirituality, Religion and Beliefs - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums

baphomet | Templários venerando Baphomet

Leo Taxil Baphomet Magnet - Mysteries of Freemasonry Goat of Mendes Templar


"Christ Puppet" by Riddickart. Traditional Art / Drawings / Macabre Horror Skateboard deck for Jim Booth/SVART KULT, 2007

mors omni aetate communis est

Six years ago , I posted an image of a fat and manky Orcus illustrated by Todd Lockwood, of Dungeons and Dragons fame.