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5 Dog Breeds to fight Depression and Anxiety

5 Dog Breeds to fight Depression and Anxiety.yea I am just pining this so when I have a female poodle I remember to do this. People keep calling my male poodle a female enough as it I am not going to give him braids despite how badly I want to.

Someone is pretty clever. Plus that dog is pretty patient too.   ~ M ~ www.digi-info-broker.com

OMG, fluffy doggie with a mustache and a top hat and a freaking MONOCLE. Leigh I found your new dog!

and despite the occasional prickles and pains of making a family… | The 30 Most Inspiring Interspecies Friendships Of The Year

Hedgehogs for your enjoyment. When these baby hedgehogs were left orphaned, this cat, a new mother herself, become a surrogate to the babies, feeding and nurturing them as if they were her own.


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Maltipoo I want him love the color.

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Ver imagen de tierno perrito en taza roja con movimiento

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Oodles of Poodles! A proud red poodle family. Daddy on left, daughters on the top step, sons on the lower.

Ich dachte , man kann nur auf Pferden reiten..... Der Mensch er irrt solang er strebt ( Goethe ).

Largest Mastiff Breed is the tallest breed of dog. The Great Dane dog by the name of George is the tallest largest dog ever recorded. He's 7 feet long, 43 inches from paw to shoulder and weighs at 252 lbs.

Afghan cut, if I ever come back by resurrection I want to be an Afghan hound

The Afghan Hound in America is an educational site all about the Afghan Hound. Before adopting an Afghan Hound learn all about this dog. The Afghan Hound is not just another dog.

Top 5 Dog breeds that don't Shed | Breed#04

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