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DIY Toy: Paper Helicopter - Babble Dabble Do

Fly a helicopter...a PAPER one that is!

Easy DIY toy idea: Make Zappy Zoomers and watch them fly!

DIY Toy: Zappy Zoomers

Cardboard castle - 27 DIY Kids Games and Activities Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

27 DIY Kids Games and Activities Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

12 Fun Activites for 1-Year-Olds

DIY Cardboard Box Shape Sorter I will have to make these once we move. So many cardboard boxes I can make many things!

Helicopter - copy template.  Fold section C forward and section D backwards.  Bend the stem up at E.  Fold A forward and B backward.

How to Make Paper Helicopters

Whirly Bird Helicopter - Is it a bird or a helicopter? Your whirly bird helicopter will twirl and soar through the air. Learn more about how to make paper helicopters.

[rotating ring, kinetic book object, nine faces for text &/or image] Paper Toy: Flextangles - Babble Dabble Do

FLEXTANGLES: You've never seen a paper toy like this!

Paper Toys: Flextangles - Babble Dabble Do -- Free template and instructions

Straw rockets - good for Independence Day  (Jul) or National Aviation Month (Nov)

ZOOM! Make your own paper rockets in four super easy steps

Kids Craft DIY Paper Rockets - Play a game and see who can send their paper rocket the farthest! - play game of Going back to Godhead etc

With A Balloon...


Super easy rocket craft made from a balloon, a straw, a rubber band and some paper. Kids will have fun launching these! (Using different colored balloons makes it easier to find your own rocket.) Great reunion activity for kids!

crafts with clothespins - Google Search

DIY Mini Clothespin Airplanes - This fun, DIY activity is easy for kids of all ages and the perfect craft to go with your kids' favorite airplane movie!