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Female dwarves accept no substitutes, and are regarded within dwarven society as equals due to the hardship of living under the mountains. This is Dvana Emberhand, the leader of the Dwarvish Mages Guild and a master sorceress

Female dwarf by ~GuzBoroda on deviantART

This is a female dwarf, a character for Pathfinder Companion. It was quite fun to draw such strange creature as female dwarf.


Master Specialist From Complete Mage by Eva Widermann. Copyright Wizards of the Coast, 2006 halfling wizard

More work and some blogging

More work and some blogging


Dwarves, The Drüün

Swordmaiden. If you know the artist, let me know.

A Guide to the Fighter (Pathfinder)

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Ms. Kyrie Applebottom, all grown up?

f Halfling Rogue Thief Leather Cloak Daggers midlvl urban river forest hills farmland coastal desert jungle Ms. Kyrie Applebottom, all grown up?