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9 Oak bowl with intricate woodburning Faith by cordrickcreations

Natural Packaging - inspired by nature

Well done. I would buy this product just for the design. 'This packaging design concept was made as a school assignment. The task was to design a new line of four organic products for luxurious wellness hotelsin the Scandinavian marked.

la kagu : package design

神楽坂に誕生した大人のためのキュレーションストア、「la kagu(ラカグ)」

Yüli Skincare, en exclusivité sur Bazar Bio (

Les nouveaux soins des new-yorkais stylés

Sort of Coal - HAI HAND & BODY SOAP. Contains activated charcoal

Sort of Coal is a Danish design company with a passion for the intriguing, traditional material of Japanese Binchotan Charcoal, also called White Charcoal.

Hovard Design    | "Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. Hand wrapped and string tied with a lead seal, each soap is securely protected and unique. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable papers creates a valued product presentation. All of Hudson Made’s packaging is manufactured locally and meticulously selected for a truly regional…

Workers Soap by Hudson Made / designed by Hovard Design - hand tied with real seal gives this package an elevated status.

Apothecary Hand Wash: (Perfume Bottle Minimal)

Apothecary hand wash & is now available at Frama Studio Store and selected partners around Europe. Come by Fredericiagade 57 today and test the full range of our latest collection of Danish produced body care objects.


Picture of 2 designed by Malva Sawada for the project Alex Carro. Published on the Visual Journal in date 7 November 2016