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Paperman <3

NEW Disney short-Paperman - Full Animated Short Film.so incredibly adorable

Best short ever.  "Paperman" by Disney.  This is the first short film Disney (NOT Pixar) has made for one of their movies since 1995, and it has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Paperman (disney short) I absolutely loved this couple. The short it so cute, I had to watch it for school JIM AND PAM?

"Paperman," animation art for paper airplane short film.

Lines and Colors: a bog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts Paperman

I always loved Steve and Aladdin. I remember when I found he voiced Aladdin, I was bubbling over with joy

19 Things You Might Not Know About “Aladdin”

Steve from Full House. How did I not catch this? Addian is my favorite Disney movie and Full house is my favorite TV show

Oh my waffle! This is such a cute short film!

Paperman - now nominated for an oscar for best animated short! My new favorite Pixar Short.

Looks like the thing where they take a whole bunch of pictures and meld them together. The Aladdins need to learn to hold still, 'cause he ugly. Some of them look way off. Some are adorably accurate.

what disney characters would look like in real life. Prince Eric, Prince Philip, Prince Charming, Flynn Rider were my fav princes growing up!

Paperman: Una deliciosa història d’amor narrada a través de la música i el poder de la imatge.

Disney's new Oscar nominated short: Paperman!

Disney Princesses in their era <3

Princesas en su epoca

Historical Aurora: Artist Claire Hummel dressed her Disney princesses in historically accurate costumes. Illustration by Claire Hummel

I LOVE THIS!! if i ever have a littte girl this would be so cute to hang and maybe even make it a growth chart thing.

if i ever have a littte girl this would be so cute to hang and maybe even make it a growth chart thing.-- forget kids, this can go on my wall anyway

Most amazing story ever!

While looking at old photos of a childhood trip to Disney World, a married woman noticed her father-in-law in the background, pushing her future husband in a stroller. Destiny at work!


Pocahontas and John Smith "Colors of the Wind" US Silver Medalists Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig - Exhibition 2011

Paperman (Piano Duet) + Sheet Music <<< @sydrr, YOU WANNA LEARN THIS WITH ME? :D

Paperman (Piano Duet) + Sheet Music ((Walking down the Aisle Music))

Ode to "Paperman" animated short film.

someone throwing a paper airplane at me. not any normal paper airplane. this paper airplane. then haveing a long letter inside.

Wenn Disney Paare Kinder bekämen

Disney Children - Kids of Disney Princes and Princesses - Cosmopolitan This makes me so happy oh my gosh.

Toothless_vs__Llama_by_carpenoctem410. I JUST LAUGHED TOO HARD!!!!!!!!!! and Toothless is MUCH cuter than some smelly lama!!!!!!!

I LOVE Toothless! But I HATE llamas. My friend likes llamas.

Tangled Ever After (2012) - A Short Film - YouTube HAHAHA It's yhe first time that Rapunzel's mother talks

Tangled Ever After- Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding.funniest thing ever!