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Jumping Juniper

Lush Jumping Juniper solid shampoo for greasy hair. Got a bar to counter my over moisturised horrid greasy hair I'm having at the moment.

Karma Koma/ Un shampooing doux et démêlant pour parfumer ses cheveux à l'odeur de Karma. Karma Koma est le shampooing solide qui discipline les cheveux rebelles finissant par s’emmêler (utilisez-le en complément de l’après-shampooing solide Jungle).

Lush Karma Komba Solid Shampoo - Take it with me when I travel, but love it at home too.

Lush Montalbano, Lullaby, Jason and the Argan Oil, Honey I Washed My Hair, Brazilliant, and Copperhead are six brand new Lush Shampoo Bars that recently la

Lush Introduces Brand New Shampoo Bars

Shampoo in solid form, from Lush (which has all sorts of wonderful products). I love that this helps eliminate unnecessary plastic bottles. I've tried most of their solid shampoos, and my favorites are Seanik, Jumping Juniper, and Ultimate Shine. They last a long time when you store them in the reusable tins.

Lush Seanik solid shampoo: Soften tangled locks and add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, sea salt volumizing shampoo.

Lush shampoo bars are so amazing and great for travel.

Lush shampoo bars - smell AMAZING, great to hair. My fave is the Honey I washed my hair toffee scented one.

Pousse plus vite

Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. In times of stress and hormonal change, like pregnancy and after giving birth, your hair can start to fall out. Fortunately, this is usually temporary, but it’s a dist

The Blonde solid shampoo bar , LUSH.  Lemon, Tangerine  Mandarin , Orange and Orange Blossom.

Shampooing Solide « La Blonde Marilyn » Lush Like

The Blonde solid shampoo bar , LUSH. Lemon, Tangerine Mandarin , Orange and Orange Blossom.

Morbidone al Cocco - Shampoo

Trichomania solid shampoo from Lush. After trying this I will never use liquid shampoo again! Bonus: totally vegan, made with all natural and fair trade ingredients, and it requires NO packaging.