This Is Why I Have White Walls

Color Spots Scrapbook Challenge: Adore Brights- Alicia (Pink),Julia (Purple), Brittany (Teal), and Julianna (Navy or light blue)

setting tones

today's breathtaking inspiration photo is by (& yes.the incredible seedling photo from yesterday is by her as well) .

some inspiration images just *scream* to me, & @colourspeak_kerry 's inspiration image for today's { ashore hues } is certainly one of them ... i love the gorgeous washed out aquas of the boats + the turquoise of the sea ... the neutrals actually sparke in this harmony (and it is *tough* to get neutrals to sparkle) ... thank you Kerry for your very inspiring #SeedsColor share!

Here are some perfect color palettes with lovely colors. These perfect color paletes can be used for any kind of design projects, like websites and logos.

Color Pasture -

Color Pasture