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Halloween Style!! Warrior Armor ideas! Skyrim_Daedric_Cosplay_Kamui_08

cosplay Skyrim Dovahkiin armor Worbla deadric (Do this with the lirripipes or the backs of liripipes.

A Giant Pair of Pneumatic Articulating Feather Wings

The Crooked Feather pneumatic articulating wings Alexis Noriega a self-taught costume maker designed and built this amazing pair of pneumatic wings that spring to action at the press of a button.

toxic vision - 25 nov 2013

toxic vision - 25 nov 2013 love this gothic military take on the post apocalyptic assassin's creed fashion trend wonder if I can find it for bringing in the new year

I need this for my dogs

Paul Hersey is an extremely talented artist in North Carolina. His company "Organic Armor" creates intricately designed custom pieces. His clientelle is made up of people and animals.

Ailes de Corbeau  Crow wing brassards ailes en par Gemsplusleather

Raven wings - Crow wing bracers - Pair of tooled leather bracers "Wings of shadow" - Hand carved black leather wings with silver shading

1/3rd-scale Folding Wing Prototype +VIDEO by EuTytoAlba.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artwork showing mechanical workings of the wing. This proved a difficult concept to model so I elected to go with the solid state design.

Elven finger armer.Finger Armor / Nail Ring More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Silver Elven Leaf Claw Armor // Set of I wish I could have my nails like these

Arcanepunk: Exorcism Handwraps by TormentedArtifacts on DeviantArt

Exorcism gloves with the sigils inlaid on the palms. This should be part of the kit of every mage, druid, healer, shaman, whatever. If your LARP has possession as a possible attack then you need these. - Arcanepunk: Exorcism Handwraps by TormentedArtifact

Giant Valkyrie Mercy Wings and Shield Tutorial by Korielynx - Imgur

Giant Valkyrie Mercy Wings and Shield Tutorial by Korielynx

[Self] I made a GIANT tutorial for my Valkyrie Mercy Cosplay wings and shield from Overwatch!

SPN FANDOM COSPLAY WINGS  Athena Saint Seiya Wings Tutorial by *ShinjusWorkshop on deviantART

Spn Fandom Cosplay Wings Athena Saint Seiya Wings Tutorial By Shinjusworkshop On Deviantart 3