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1930's woman riding an alligator

weirdvintage: “ A woman riding an alligator in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The alligator is evidently the team mascot, c (via Los Angeles Public Library) ” Filed under: things I would.

Pointe shoes -  the only sensible choice for when youre walking your turkey.  Vera Ellen funny-ha-ha

WTF Vintage Thanksgiving Pin-ups.

Historic WTF

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): WWI German soldier wearing his night shirt, armed with a bayonet, standing in front of a latrine with. a cat on his head. Well all righty then. kitten soldier ww ii ww i

Let your chicken side run wild!

I’m not really sure how this happened…  via: mattsko.wordpress.com

Vintage photo of large woman with stuffed alligator - stock photo

new york oh new york

Andy Warhol/ Edie Sedgwick, 1964 Empire State Building New York

Kids used to cuddle alligators at this wacky LA zoo... HOW FREAKING COOL!!

Kids used to cuddle alligators at this wacky LA zoo

Toddler with a group of reptilian friends at The Luna Park Alligator Farm in Lincoln Heights, California - c. hmmm, maybe alligators were vegetarians in the is this photoshopped?

PushStart Kitchen @ pushstartkitchen.blogspot.com

Life Magazine, April Kent School Headmaster Father Sill Yelling Through Megaphone to Crew Team

The A Team. Claudia Schiffer and Valeria Mazza photographed by Peter Lindbergh in Harper's Bazaar Mexico, 1995.

Claudia Schiffer and Valeria Mazza, ping pong, black tunic, bikini. Harper's Bazaar US. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh

vintage florida photographs - Google Search

Vintage University of Florida photography

Cute chick.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall - Retro Halloween Costume ideas - vintage Halloween idea - Crazy Costumes

Me voyyyyyyyy....

Kylie Woon compiles multiple shots in Photoshop to make these awesome levitation photos! Dreamy Levitation Shots Made in Photoshop


Date unknown Circassian Beauty In the P. Barnum exhibited women whom he claimed were Circassian beauties. They wore a distinctive Afro hair style and were known as “moss haired girls.

Bijzondere historische foto's

A man testing a prototype football helmet. - 25 Rare Historical Photos Youve Probably Never Seen Before Part 2 Best of Web Shrine

Biarritz, Frankrijk, 1930.

la vie de mode, biarritz, 1930 couple walking on the beach.

Chronically Vintage

A woman relaxing with a book on the banks of Thornapple River, Michigan, (I just found this and so weird - my aunt lived there!