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False Sun by JadeMere lava (tiger monster beast creature animal) (click artwork for source)

Cosmos-Male-Quiet, keeps to himself, doesn't mind being around others, can get pushy, great tracker-Power:Can create brief flashes of bright light to temporarily stun enemies or prey-no mate or pups Hey black wolf

coolpops: “Molten Tiger by Butterhound - Buy HERE ”

Loooong overdue trade with the wonderful DeyVarah! Her titular character. I don't draw big cats as much as I'd like! (I am NOT open for art trades, please do not ask me) I agreed to do this trade i.

Sooner or later we all burn, you just have to learn to love the pain.

Flame he is a demigod no one know except for his mate doesn't talk about it because his mom is the god of fire but she is eveil and he doesn't want to become like her