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Hard to imagine this Lovers Bridge originated from a modern day Italian novel. Write your initials on a lock, attach it to the bridge, and toss the key in the Siene for everlasting love. My lock is there, if I can find it

Paris in winter

Paris in winter. We have spend many Christmas vacations in France. One time my parents were with us. We left them at the airport outside of Paris and headed back to Spain. It looked like photo, it makes me smile!

France - Paris, Mantmarte, snow    Paris Atmospheres    Montmartre, January 1935    postmarked in 2008 with a 56p stamp from England

Snow at Montmartre - Paris. I walked these steps in the Spring time. How very wonderful it would be to be able to walk them in the snow.

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Paris Fashion circa 1950

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The of Magic Maison Martin Margiela. French magazine Elle Decoration gave "Carte Blanche" at the Maison Martin Margiela in early 2009 to develop after Elle Decoration of the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris.

Mannequin à la Tour Eiffel, Plaza Athénée, Paris - 1958 - Photo by Christian Lemaire

Paris in style. I don't exactly dress like this but it would be nice to imagine! Mannequin à la Tour Eiffel, by Christian Lemaire.