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Chronic Pain Awareness Purple Orchid Mugs
For Sale in Sweden: only 7 or 8 months old, but I have a larger permobil now. Must sell this cute little Shoprider now.  Eloped Shoprider with extras:  Battery upgrade: Stay charged & never run out juice Lock Box: keep your items safer Cane holder  Fits down shop aisles...
Fms Confusion Sleeping Mask from Fun With Fibro
Comedy & Tragedy Of Chronic Pain Digital Camera Leather Case from Fun With Fibro
Purple Pain Modular Shoulder Sling Bag from Fun With Fibro
TENS - pinning for locating later... when I have more money
TENS Belt <-- pining so I don't lose it.
Invisible Illness Collage Shoulder Sling Bag from Fun With Fibro
Chronic Pain Emoticons Mini Button Earrings from Fun With Fibro
Fighting The Fog Fleece Blanket  (Two Sided) from Fun With Fibro