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A chef’s kitchen is the site of countless culinary triumphs -- and even more clutter-filled cleanups. Thwart chaos in the kitchen with Martha's most creative cleanup tips, from "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook."  Create a Consolidated Cleaning Caddy In lieu of crowding a cupboard with haphazardly strewn cleaning agents, build a cleaning caddy to house your essential items. Martha's recommended cleaning caddy components include paper towels, microfiber cloths, a toothbrus...

Kitchen Secrets: 15 Creative Tricks to Make Cleaning a Cinch

See the "Stain-Removal Kit" in our Martha's Laundry Room Redo: Tips to Organize a Small Space gallery

Stain Chart

Stain-Removal Kit — Corral everything you need to treat stains in one bin or tray. Pour cleaners and solvents into clear bottles and make sure you label them clearly, and keep a stain-removal guide nearby.

Great closet ideas

Household Closet: Cleaning Supplies, could totally put all my cleaning supplies on the inside of the coat closet door

To to keep floors {fake} clean in between moppings.  #cleaningtips

Make Easy Pillow Slipcovers -- an easy way to change decor!

Create a "cleaning caddy" to carry with you around the house when you clean! Having all supplies in one place comes in handy!

Sabrina Soto's Cleaning Caddy Essentials

Want to make your car shine inside? Check out these car cleaning tips from the pros!  #CarTips  #CleaningAdvice #diy

Want To Make Your Car Shine Inside Check Out These Car Cleaning Tips From The Pros Cartips Cleaninga

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  This will be awesome to help keep me on track!  Free printables included.

How to Make a Cleaning Binder

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder. This will be awesome to help keep me on track! Lots of free printables included.

The best way to clean hardwood floors in your home. Two different tools that make all the difference on dreambookdesign.com

The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors

The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors - Dream Book Design. Must get one of these microfiber floor dusters!