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"You cannot open a book without learning something." ~ Confucius

Stepping into another story whimsical surreal alice in wonderland fairytale book inspired art print

У х о д и т е вовремя.

У х о д и т е вовремя.


I imagine this is what the inside of your head looks like. (The Book of Secrets by ~shayn-art Source: glitchoddities)


"Night time stories" - Joel Robinson is a photographer from in Cranbrook, BC, Canada. Living in a valley in Rocky Mountains, he always has good ideal to create wonderful photographic works using his unique photo manipulation technique

"What kind of hide out is this?" "The kind very little people think to look." -Alexis and Mrs. Sippi                                                                                                                                                     More

14 creative and funny examples of luggages and suitcases

This is a picture of a stairway placed in a suitcase, and it's just for fun, probably not for Amanda's party.

Art & Life

mymodernmet: Jie Ma’s Cinematic Artwork Illustrates Surreal Scenes from Futuristic Worlds

Every day she puts here happy face on, but every day she got a lot of pain and cvs.

Every day she puts here happy face on, but every day she got a lot of pain and cvs.

I have to thank a fellow writer for introducing me to this. Hard-hitting and yet, amazing as to how awesome the human spirit is.

A God Who Remembers

This is the true story about a young boy's experiences in Aushwitz death camp. This man still lives and returned to the camp with Oprah Winfrey.

Read this book in junior high like this: O_O.  My parents would have shit if they knew what it was about. Hahaha.

My book club read this one. I read it for the first time in the grade. Teen sexuality told in real terms. Judy Blume is awesome. She is the queen of teen books and was writing YA before YA was a "thing"!