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Diy stick trellis in a pot

How to Build a Branch Trellis in a Pot

gardener inserts four tall branches into pot filled with rich potting soil

DIY Tutorial - Red Dancing Sticks for the garden by Ashbee Design

Dancing Stick DIY Tutorial by Ashbee Design - great accent for the winter garden

DIY Garden Trellis Projects • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!

DIY Garden Trellis Projects

Photo of Baby Crib Trellis

old crib turned trellis . Cute and I have 2 old broken cribs in my junk wood pile =b

Use Honey as a Rooting Hormone for Cuttings

Using Honey to Root Cuttings

DIY Honey Rooting Solution: Boil 2 cups of water & let cool until just warm. Pour into glass jar (with lid). in 1 tablespoon unprocessed honey. Dip cutting in solution, then pot. Cap tightly & store in refrigerator when not using.

DIY Vine Teepee by viewsfromthegarden #Vine_Teepee #Play_House #Kids

DIY Vine Teepee -If you made it large enough, you could protect lettuce underneath. A way to have clematis & other good vines such as glory vine, morning glory and cardinal vines.

Recycled Wire Hanger Trellis Inexpensive Gift

DIY Gifts Under $10 (Many under $5)

Many of my DIY gifts started out as one thing and ended up another. In fact several of the DIY gifts shown on this page came about by accident.

latas de leite - reuso

painted-tin-can-planters Can use this idea for soup cans too for planting herbs. Another idea: find a paint for plastics and use empty coffee containers.