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Model: Angelofdark666-Official FanpageClothes and crown by J.Cederstrom DesignWig: Black Candy Alternative Fashion Photo: Ghostheartphoto Welcome to Gothic and Amazing

Model: FanpageClothes and crown by J.Cederstrom DesignWig: Black Candy Alternative Fashion Photo: Ghostheartphoto Welcome to Gothic and Amazing

Jordyn Jones

Hi im Chrissy,im 15 years old Charlie is my big brother im a singer,dancer,& model im a weirdo my big brother is cool i guess i mean he can be annoying *laughs a lil* yea i have a weird laugh well yea thats it bye

Lolita Choker Black Vinyl

Lolita Choker Black Vinyl

Dior re-created the 1962 dress the fashion house made for a Marilyn Monroe Vogue cover shoot and gave it to model Dree Hemingway to wear during Milk Studios’ “Picturing Marilyn” exhibition Wednesday. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

surrounded by color wonderland and alice inspired fashion photography love this couture cream and pastel blue cocktail , day formal dress, just right for alice chic and quirky style and the added pink hair adds that touch of cartoon trend kooky chic

Kristian Hollis // nineteen years old living with his brothers Micheal and Terrance, they have a small fluffy dog they rescued and are in a band together with their friend Marshall.

Main Characters: Pauly is a seventeen year old boy that has been sent to Lake Harmony due to skipping school and doing drugs.