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Guess they hadn't invented the fire retardant shirt yet... R&D needs to hop on that ASAP!

Design: Vintage ad for MacGregor's Fire Retardant Shorts. Looks like the shorts will be fine. The boy, not so much

You're stupid, I'll explain... "I am like a fish out of water". Exactly!  That smell is NASTY! Wash your couter! Ewww.

vintage sexists advertisings We’ve covered a lot of vintage weirdness here, like vintage vibrators and vintage puberty lessons, but it’s been a while since we delved… It translates to: "I am like a fish in water". Stéphanie Boileau saved to POURQUOI ?

+ 100 Extrañas fotos antiguas [Megapost].

+ 100 Extrañas fotos antiguas [Megapost].

Little girl and her goat having a giggle! Photo by Alexis Perevoschikov

is it? :D

Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter ad c. "Husband furious because you've missed the post? The Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter prints the stamp .

Worcester Lawn Mower Ad 1952 by hmdavid, via Flickr

is mowing the lawn while her man drinks a beer and relaxes in his hammock. Oh The Good Ol' Sexist Ads!

Albany Life ad

Are you making plans for your wife's death? This is an ad for selling a husband Insurance against the event his wife dies before him!

16 Weird WWII Propaganda Posters To Remind You That Women Are Diseased Sluts

16 Weird WWII Propaganda Posters To Remind You That Women Are Diseased Sluts

antique medicines....  should be a cancer treatment today!

1906 Cannabis Indica Fluidextract Medicine made available by the American Druggist Syndicate in NY. This medicine was made from the flowering tops of cannabis sativa. an indica product made with sativa.

Yes, I always spank my wife if she buys flat, stale coffee.

If your husband ever finds out you're not "store-testing" for fresher coffee.if he discovers you're still taking chances on getting flat, stale coffee. woe be unto you! For today there's a sure and certain way to test for freshness before you buy.

The Incredible, Delectable, Miracle of 19th Century Medicine: Hasheesh Candy! | Cannabis Culture

Snake Oil bottle, with label. Click Image and read: "How Snake Oil Got a Bad Rap (Hint: It Wasn’t The Snakes’ Fault)"