Tree on trellis

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Tomato Trellis | Vegetable Trellis -- Vertical Gardening.  Checking out trellis structures for single stem growing.

You can buy a tomato trellis kit or build your own and I show you how. Either way growing tomatoes on a vegetable trellis is a great method of supporting tomato vines.

This man said "screw the front yard" and began growing vegetables. He now has so many vegetables growing in his front yard that he cannot consume them on his own and gives them out for free.

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Copper trellis DIY >> built from standard 1/2-in. and 3/4-in. “type M” copper plumbing tubes

Neat design for garden trellis, I made a brass pipe trellis at our last house, and a little border fence. Really easy, all you need is copper pipe, fittings and a little pipe cutter.

Need to try this for raspberries....

Raspberry trellis using hog fencing - would work as a living fence for raspberries or maybe even roses?