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Pouch of leather, 1330-1380 from London excavations. Medieval finds from excavations in London - Dress Accessories, G. Egan, F. Pritchard, HMSO, 1991.

Pouch of leather, from London excavations. Medieval finds from…

Stick-purse from Germany - possibly Bavarian National Museum

Handle bags, southern Germany, first half of century, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (= in Folge BN) Inv.

1370 German lady

headpiece/veil, cloak, and a nice paternoster. Germany Frankfurt am Main St Bartholomeus Cathedral Gentleman and Wife 1370




Rare bird shoe was found in Haarlem, The Netherlands, dated around Part of an Archeological Museum exhibition dedicated to the memory of Olaf Goubitz, a Dutch archeologist who specialized in medieval leatherwork.