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Does It Look Like A Road From Austria? But It's In Romania In Valea Putnei and it's stunning. And free.

Beautiful Magical Night NYC City #newyork, #NYC, #pinsland, https://apps.facebook.com/yangutu

New York City Skyline Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic At times, the overall color of a scene can be so different from the way we normally see it that we hardly recognize the place.

I want to fly like a plane, a bird, Superman

A place to find on point Street Style, Garments, Sneakers & Accesories. All the things we create that make life good.

The sun room of my dreams!

Beautiful forts and palaces - Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. conservatory is located on the south side of the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. The three windows are carved from stone with a repeating geometric pattern

#hbouthere: "It drops deep as it does in my breath. I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death." Photo: @mellowedhigh

"It drops deep as it does in my breath. I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death.

Id, Ego & Superego.

Some vintage adrenaline. Acrobats balance on top of the Empire State Building 1934 - New York City

THREE RIVERS DEEP #bookseries | “Action, romance, bad weather & broken crayons! When fierce storms clash over her home valley, a 2-souled artist faces off with a Sky Devil, a force of immeasurable size & power." CLICK to go to BOOKSTORE (pic: by Adrian)

Photography by Adrian Schiegl

Huzur. . .

Bill & Coo Suites, Mykonos, Greece Love the starry-night lighting in the infinity pool