You know, just a few things a ballet dancer thinks about with EVERY movement. Or any kind if dancer for that matter.

A quote from Michael Jordan! True for any shoes be it trainers, ballet shoes or a pair of tap shoes!

do what you love & love what you do.   dance. quote. blog. love.

Someone needs to put that on a dancers top. Not a regular persons top, a dancers top. Everyone knows that dancers are the sharpest dressers

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Dance is a sport people. Every dancer says that dance is a sport. But if you are not a dancer you would say that dance is not a sport. I am a dancer so I consider dance as a sport.

Dance to express

When I dance I love to express myself in emotion. I most serenely do not do it to empress people, if anything I empress myself in how good of a goon I am doing.(Most Beauty Quotes)


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saying is tottaly right

Morning, Noon, and Night: When To Go To Ballet Class

This is such a true statement of my life right now. <3

Dance Stainless Steel Water Bottle

so true:: Dance is a part of me. It has entered my life. Taken over my body. It is in my walk, in my movements, in my thoughts, I have become a dancer.

Win or learn

Win or learn