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Funny pictures about The color of the ocean. Oh, and cool pics about The color of the ocean. Also, The color of the ocean.

Very different, yet very same. In both instances I think "Yes, yes I have missed you. A lot. More than I was supposed to. In fact, I really really missed you and am now extremely excited you're back." And in both instances, they were taken from me....again.

Couldn't decide whether to pin it on my Doctor Who or Sherlock board. But the Doctor Who board earned it for Tennant's wee smile.

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Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter board?

Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter board? --> I'm just putting it on fandoms but oh my gosh sherlocks face hahaha!

LOL "Bloody stupid rumor that was."

That is the most ridiculous rumour I've ever heard: I once read somewhere that Martin was in fact a human and not a hedgehog. Bloody stupid rumor that was.

Books are amazing

And not to mention in the final season, Isabella said, "YOUR A FANGIRL?" After Candace fangirled over the Marvel superheroes.) And she has a panic room.

Moriarty ---> is that actually a scene from Sherlock because if so that's fucking adorable

Little does he know, he's basically an angel to us.but an angel nonetheless.

I love both of these dorks so much

I love both of these dorks so much Martin Freeman John Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock ladies off screen

Sherlock>>Does this count as a meet-cute? Because Jim's freaking adorable here.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty. Sherlock "The Great Game"

Get Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall

Get Sherlock. Some people thought it meant "get Sherlock" like he wanted to kill him so e'erybody would stop Jim from killing their beloved detective. I always saw it as "get Sherlock" as in like "get sherlock to help you find me and get me.