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I'm so tired 😴 x QOTD: Singing or dancing?💃🎤 x AOTD: Dancing, I don't have a good voice 😂❤ x

Texts you "I'm sorry I just want to apologize and I really miss u" 'call later Thomas when ur not busy. I need to talk to Kaya'  Maya:hey Tom said you wanted to talk?' 'I just, help me let him know that I just need space now but I still love him' 'k.' 'Thanks kaya' later call: Tommy: pick up please. 'Hello. Thomas'. 'Hey. How are you?' 'You really ask me that? Look just I'm listening but won't say anything. Im sending you a message for later just read it and sink in' so then he starts…

He texts me and tells me to stay at the house because he wants to talk. as soon as he gets home he kisses you and he says he sorry over and over and over until you have forgiven him. Then we sit on the couch and cuddle till we fall asleep

Omg I seriously blushed.

Imagine: Newt telling Thomas to back off, when Thomas likes u. Newt pointng you out to say she's mine


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